Flatpack is a desktop app for people living in a shared flat and seeking a tool to organise their communal live. It is the result of a course we had in our second semester and was our very first GUI project, including desk and field research, user tests and a (fictional) project partner.


Basic GUI

Edna Hirsbrunner

Claudia Buck

During desk research we analysed existing apps and asked users of these apps what features they were missing. We collected photos of kitchens and living rooms, combined them with surveys we did with people living in these flats and used the information to determine popular ways of communication and organisation between young people in shared flats. Because Migros, one of Switzerland's biggest retail companies, was our fictional client, we studied their branding to adapt our app design accordingly.

Each flatmate has a distinct colour to easily identify information which is relevant to you. The results of our field research led us to the four key features for the Flatpack app:

provides the possibility to create quick surveys for easier flat organisation.

helps to keep an overview over planned flat activities and possible absences of flatmates. The lower section of the calendar is reserved for flat duties, including definitions so each flatmate has the same understanding of what it takes for a task to be completed.

gives an overview on how much was spent each month and what the money was used for. It also allows to easily add expenses, define the number of people participating and it will then automatically calculate each person's debts.

Shopping list
add missing items while one of the flatmates may still be somewhere near a store to grab it. It also prevents buying things twice, when items are correctly ticked off the list.