Lumisphère is an interactive lamp, which explores how the choices of form and material affect interactions with the physical world. It is an attempt to make light tangible.


Designing Object/Experience

«Designing Object/Experience» was our very first module at Zurich University of the Art and is an investigation in how physical objects have to be designed so that they trigger a sensory experience. This course was also the place where most of us heard the word «affordance» for the very first time and we would soon enough learn to use it in our everyday design language.

Lumisphère is an interactive lamp, based on the idea of making an object grow by shaking. We replaced the shaking through inflation. With the inflation and the therefore required physical labour we wanted to show the energy that is needed to lighten the lamp. But for simplicity reasons we later changed the interaction to the more intuitive act of pushing and pulling. By pulling and pushing the lamp would grow or shrink. The bigger the lamp is, the brighter it would get.

The lamp we developed is based on the children's toy «Sphère». The colourful plastic sphère is covered in a case sewn by us out of 20 triangles and 12 pentagons.