Programme and poster design for the Zurich Sustainability Week 2018.


Client Project,

We designed the programme for the Zurich Sustainability Week 2018. The Sustainability Week takes place once a year in Zurich (by now it spread across whole Switzerland with autonomous events in every major city) and aims «to bring sustainability into all aspects of Swiss higher education institutions and support them to become sustainable role models for our society overall.» The previous years the programme was printed on A3 paper and folded like a city map, but we decided to change the format in favour of better legibility and comprehensibility.

For me this was the first experience in working on a project for the real world. The marketing team, like the rest of the Sustainability Week, is organized and run by students. We had to present our work to the rest of our team and tried to improve it through their feedback. The topic for the Sustainability Week 2018 was «SustHERObility», so a green flying super hero is the visual center point on the posters and the frontpage of the leporello.