«COFFEE» is an interactive kinetic installation accompanying the delicate encounter of two lonely strangers in a public corridor.


Spatial Interaction

Edna Hirsbrunner

Colin Schmid

The name COFFEE originated from the used technology to control the 24 motors the installation is composed of: H bridges and shift registers. Shift registers are cascades of flip flops, which leads to COFFEE = Cascade Of Flip Flops Engagement Engine.

Through the additional use of several webcams, COFFEE is made reactive so that it follows the visitor along a hallway, providing something to focus on. Each individual motor only starts rotating when someone is passing by, allowing the visitor to playfully interact through forward and backward movements. Attached to the motors are bundles of raffia which was chosen, after a number of material tests, due to its visual and auditory effect. In an already steril and deserted corridor, the emerging sound from plastic or metal materials was not what we were looking for but the natural and warm swoosh of the raffia was.