UX Awareness

The installation is an attempt to visualise the collection of personal data and how it is used to generate a personalised user experience. Many of us are aware that data is being collected, but do we really know what the consequences may be?


Interaction Design Process

Lilian Lopez

Michelle Schmid
Felix Prantl

«How do you want to change the world?»

We are asked to take that sentence upside down and question the role of the designer and the expectation of such sentence. Our design process was determined by two other questions we had extracted from a first field research:

– how can we communicate to people that their data is being used in some form?
– how can we make people more aware of their data-life in general?

In the UXA installation, the visitor is confronted with an abstract shadow of him/herself projected onto the wall. By scanning a QR code she/he will be asked some questions. With each question answered, the neutral silhouette on the wall starts filling with different sized dots, creating an individual shadow for every user. For an additional unique experience, the answers will also be used to display the goodbye words in the user's native language and to complete it with his/her name. When reaching the end of the questionnaire, the neutral and the individualised data shadow split and while the neutral silhouette will still act as your shadow, the other is no longer under the visitor's control and moves by itself as it pleases. By addressing and including the visitor actively into the installation, we hope to raise awareness for data collection and create a prolonged experience.